"Compartmentalization describes the strategy of only telling someone what they would know about or find out anyway. In this way, no one person knows a lot about the compartmentalizer. "


Lana del rey - dark paradise

Inspired by (x)

"I said, enough!"


V.E. Schwab, Vicious


being hated by terrible people is such a good feeling


The whole world has been against her. She’s become more of a punch line than a celebrity. Instead of celebrating with Lindsay about the small victories as you should with any type of addict (my step father was an alcoholic for 10 years) people have joked about how she can’t do it. I would cry too if someone finally told me to celebrate after spending so long being a joke.


the amount of hair i lose in the shower really concerns me


i always change my mind about everything except the password i have been using since i was 10